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Fungal Appreciation: A Talk by Michael Weese & Mandie Quark
The Paris Apothecary
Paris, VA
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Join The Paris Apothecary in welcoming mycologists, Michael Weese & Mandie Quark, as they unfold the world of fungi through an eye-opening presentation this December!

When: Saturday, December 16th (4pm-6pm)
Where: Paris Apothecary | 692 Federal Street Paris, VA 20130
Tickets: $12, please pre-register online

Come grab a cup of tea, coffee, or an elderberry spritzer inside the Paris Apothecary before or after the talk and explore our herbal elixirs and local offerings!

Starting in the center, just as it's perched in ecology, well begin with the mycelium. A vast array of hyphal threads networking through its surroundings, utterly unbiased to anything other than its genetic program, determined from spore. One of intricately exact and precise grace in design, Not over crowding itself or other necessary symbiotes and soil organisms. Fractal like in expression when the given bio-environment is fed through its genetic equation several generations over. As if every single chemical event unfolding around and inside it were being stored as data somehow, a negotiation in the unknown, potentially triggering dormid genes to be activated or active genes to be shut off, in turn changing the DNA of the next generation to be more adapt to the conditions of its parentals as well as itself more adapt to the current nutrients, bacterial, and other fungal presence abound. I like to think that once we see fungi in this way there is a universal understanding about the action of DNA throughout all of nature. That most complex of vibratory frequencies always adding new harmonics unheard until the necessary resonance brings forth its expression, adding balance to the symphony of nature.

This class will take you through a few of the reasons why mushrooms and fungi can make your life infinitely more rich with health, activity, and neat scientific prospects. Medicinals, culinary, and adventure all in one day.

About the teachers ----

Michael Weese is a mycologist, nemophilist and all around general fungal enthusiast in the Mid-Atlantic region. His work involves being a local teacher, guide, consultant, mushroom cultivator, photographer, permaculturist, ecologist, environmental steward, conservationist and friend to nearly all he meets. Michael has influenced many people across the globe to forage for and to cultivate their own mushrooms through sharing his knowledge and experience firsthand online, in the classroom, and in the field. This work is based on a belief that learning about these mycological systems leads us into nearly every other branch of science conceivable, in turn teaching us more about ourselves and how we tie into it all. That every person educated lessens strain caused from the environmental stresses created by consumers needs. The best way to learn a skill or subtle art is from hands on interaction with a peer or mentor, passed down as it has been for eons.

Hired by many parks, food farmers associations, centers, festival events, and farms to teach workshops, classes, and ID walks, covering anything from ecology to biological classification, ID process to edibility, and ethnomycology/botany to the amazing culinary applications he has unlocked. Michaels published photography work can be found in Journal of Wild Mushrooming and on presentations given by other professionals at National/Continental meetings and classes, as well as the 9 online forums he has created and manages, with the intention of spreading fungal/mushroom awareness, promoting and fixing a fair price market, and decreasing apathy through the constant demonstration of local beauty and diversity. Owner and operator of Mushroomlife, Michael is a healer and visionary in every sense of the word, and wants to help realize your mycological potential as well as your highest wellness.You can reach Michael by phone 410-590-1167 or by email
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The Paris Apothecary (Afficher)
692 Federal Street
Paris, VA 20130
United States


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