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Saturn 5
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Saturn 5
The Band: Saturn 5

The universal travelers of Saturn V will guide you through an evening of ecstatic grove-based bio-motion through audio euphoria. The crew's musical catalog is comprised of dance-centric, recognizable pop tunes, from The Jackson 5, to 90's club, the '60's hippie movement, to Salt'n'Peppa will be played once in flight.

The cardiopulmonary systems of earth mammals ordinarily increase activity during supersonic space travel. While aboard, it is customary to dress in comfortable adornments so as not to constrict blood flow, increased respiratory activity, or kinetic motion. Come aboard and enjoy the Galactic Thump!

The Crew:

Our spacecraft commander, Johnny 5, comes from Arcturus. In his custom, he speaks using his space-axe and directs the starship with the onboard keyboard controller. G-force maneuvers will be experienced while in atmospheric flight, but never fear! Johnny 5 will take us there. To be sure, trans-atmospheric flight is intense! But once in space, the weightlessness is worth it! If return is possible, our planetary landing will be smooth as silk.
(John Hawthorn: Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals)

StarThumper, the overdrive engineer, harnesses energy from dark matter quarks to drop the bass that fuels the starship. The gathered energy suffuses with all material objects and profoundly thumps the spacecraft through spacetime. The energy is felt more than heard. It rocks both crew and passengers alike!
(Bart Carpenter: Bass Guitar, Vocals)

The co-pilot, BeeDub, comes from Uranus. His native tongue can only be understood through brass instrumentation. He was picked-up near the event horizon of supermassive black hole, TON-616, before jumping aboard Saturn V. He handles keyboard controllers, and interstellar communications through the use of native Uranian percussion devices.
(Brian Warner: Trumpet, Keyboard, Vocals, Auxiliary Percussion)

Bellatrix is the spacecraft mission specialist. She is made of pure light and has no physical body. She harmonizes the functions of the crew, while employing sonic melody which keeps the ship and passengers safe from electromagnetic radiation. Her nine ordinary senses are highly attuned to fluctuations in sonic vibrations as well as the electromagnetic field  which is odd because she has never experienced natural exposure to atmospheric conditions  and has neither vocal chords nor ears!
(Chrissy Dameron: Lead Vocals, Guitar)

Dr. Malcom Pinkwhistle is the ships navigator. He locks the space-sextant onto local pulsar emissions, interprets the rhythms, and pounds them out while safely sling-shotting the spacecraft across the great abyss from one galaxy to the next. Lucky for us we have all the fuel-energy we need  and all of spacetime - to meander through the cosmos dropping the funk and boogying down! Return is Not Guaranteed (and seldom desired)!
(Ben Payne: Drums, Percussion)

Doors at 5pm, music at 8pm | $5 ADV, $10 Doors, $5 Student with ID


UrbanBeat (Afficher)
1213 Turner St.
United States


Musique > Funk
Musique > Pop & Top 40
Musique > Rock

Chiens bienvenus : Non
Non-fumeur : Oui
Accessible aux fauteuils roulants : Oui


1-800-838-3006 (Temporarily Unavailable)
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