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Brumder Mansion Ghost Hunt
The Brumder Mansion
Milwaukee, IL
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Brumder Mansion Ghost Hunt
With an interesting past including tales of being a place of ill-repute during Prohibition, Brumder Mansion is a unique and opulent historic home in Milwaukee  and it is rife with paranormal activity.

Built in 1910 by German immigrant turned successful publisher George Brumder, Sr. for his eldest son, Brumder Mansion is full of history  and secrets.

While some say there are three known spirits who still inhabit this impressive home, other might tell you there are many, many more. Do you want to find out who might still be dwelling here?

It is said that a spirit named Susan likes to frequent the Gold Suite. But she is not fond of dogs for some reason and she makes that fact known. Seriously. Shes been known to say it out loud and directly. Be sure to leave Fido at home.  

Some claim that George Jr., the son whom the home was built for, still takes up residence in the suite named after him. Visitors report feeling inexplicable breezes in this room, as well as hearing footsteps and humming outside the door.

An EVP of a young child was captured on the third floor near Marions Suite, and guests have shared tales of feeling like someone was jumping on the bed. Is it perhaps a child of one of the former owners, still playing in the house?

Visitors and employees alike report all kinds of supernatural commotion: from cold spots to footsteps, missing objects that suddenly reappear to disembodied voices. People familiar with the building claim that the ghosts of Brumder Mansion are playful and friendly  and keen to interact with the living -- when they like them. Some people have reported hearing what sounds like spirits talking among themselves. Others have sworn to see unexplained shadows or voices in their ears.

Perhaps youll run into Joe or Mike, who supposedly worked as bouncers when the Picks (who allegedly were tight with Al Capone) were in residence at the house. Unfortunately, Mike and Joe apparently knew too much and were taken out by the mob, according to rumor. Are they still protecting the basement (or speakeasy) of Brumder Mansion?

These are just a few of the stories of ghostly interactions that reportedly take place here. Are you ready to find out who might talk to you? Or play a prank? Or walk down the hallway unseen? Join us and see who may still be enjoying the comfort and beauty of the amazing Brumder Mansion.

Oh, and did we mention? We also have access to the tunnel and the catacombs located on the property - just in case you were looking for something a little spookier. Question is, do you dare to explore them on your own?

Location History:

Built in 1910 by George Brumder, Sr., for his son, George Jr., Brumder Mansion is an architectural gem located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This red brick home is comprised of three stories and nearly 8,000 square feet featuring stained and leaded glass windows, rich dark woodwork and a gorgeous mosaic fireplace in the dining room. A ballroom was placed in the basement of the home, complete with its own separate entrance  a unique element as most ballrooms during this time were located on upper floors. Architect Herman Schnetzky used a magnificent blend of three styles including Gothic, Victorian and Arts & Crafts to construct this unique and opulent home.

Mr. Brumder was born in Germany in 1839 but immigrated and settled in Milwaukee in 1857. He was the publisher of the local German newspaper and quickly became quite affluent. In the end, He wanted to use his good fortune to build his son a home, but George Sr., did not see the mansion completed as he died in May of 1910, shortly before it was finished. The total cost to build the home was $25,000.00  a very large sum of money at the time.  

George Jr., his wife Thekla and their three children lived in the mansion for around ten years, until Thekla died. In 1927, the home was sold to the Pick brothers, Ed and Sam. Sam and his wife, Laura Miller, and their son moved in. Sam Pick also owned a nightclub called Club Madrid that was rumored to be a front for illegal alcohol trading during Prohibition, and that he had some dealing with mob boss Al Capone. Some say the basement ballroom of the mansion could have easily been used as a speakeasy during this time, and it was allegedly also used for gambling and prostitution. There are records that show there were four single female roomers staying at Brumder Mansion in 1930 along with the Pick family.

The Picks left the home before Prohibition ended and the house stood vacant for a short period of time. It was reportedly used by a group of lawyers for awhile, and then purchased by a couple who used it as a boarding house.

It was in the mid-1940s that Brumder Mansion was bought by Our Saviors Lutheran Church and it was used in many different church capacities for several years, including office space, meeting rooms, pastors quarters, a youth center and a daycare.

In 1997, Carol and Robert Hirschi purchased and restored Brumder Mansion to its previous charm and turned it into a bed and breakfast and a theater. The Hirschis then sold the property to the current owners in 2008, who have continued using the beautiful, antique-filled home in the same way. Could the restoration of this fascinating building be one of the reasons why spirits still call it home?

Additional Information:

Your ghost hunt at Brumder Mansion includes the following:

Exclusive Overnight Access to the most haunted areas,
Exclusive Access to The Chapel,
Group Séances,
Ghost Hunting Vigils,
Structured Vigils,
Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
Selection of snacks.


The Brumder Mansion (Afficher)
3046 W Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, IL 53208
United States


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