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Haunted Castle House Ghost Hunt
Haunted Castle House B&B
Brumley, MO
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Haunted Castle House Ghost Hunt
As featured on The Dead Files. Known as the "pit stop" for the dead!

Do you have what it takes to stay and investigate the place dubbed the most haunted place in the Midwest? Guests at the historic bed and breakfast called the Haunted Castle House are no stranger to unexplained events and ghostly sightings that take place here on a regular basis. In fact, former owners claim that many people who attempted to stay the night were frightened away! Constructed sometime between 1890 and the early 1900s, the actual builder of the home is unknown. But thats not the only mystery within these walls.

Previously used as a doctors office by three different physicians, visitors have described seeing the apparition of a woman on the second floor and heard disembodied screaming or crying. Many others have heard whistling throughout the property, footsteps on the second floor and cold spots throughout the house. Paranormal investigators have captured EVPs of a little girl and have experienced intelligent spirit interaction through other investigative techniques and equipment. To be sure, there is no shortage of ghostly tales when it comes to the Castle House.

The subject of an episode of The Dead Files, Amy Allan described the Castle House as pit stop for the dead. There are a number of documented deaths on the property, including Dr. Walter Dickson  one of the practitioners who treated patients in the home, and Emily, the young wife of a preacher, whose 5-week old son died due to unknown circumstances.

The Castle House was home to many families over the years, and the land upon which it sits may also have many stories to tell. A Union camp during the Civil War sits just one mile from the property. The Bone Cave, a Native American site, is only three miles away. A pioneer graveyard and a mass grave can both be found in the backyard, and a murder/suicide which took place in 1971 happened within 500 yards of the building.

Are you brave enough to spend the night at the Haunted Castle House when many others have fled? Will you be able to discover who is roaming the rooms and corridors of this historic building? Join us and see who may be trying to communicate with the living, or which energies may still replaying the past in this beautifully refurbished historic home. If you dare

Location History:

According to the current owners, it is unknown who originally built the structure which is now known as the Haunted Castle House in Brumley, MO. They have done exhaustive research to sort fact from fiction so that visitors have as much accurate information as possible.

The Castle House is thought to have been built sometime between 1890 and 1910, however it is unclear who was the original builder of the home. With a magnificent turret, and the beautiful grand staircase built by James Hickman and Lemuel Payne, the four-bedroom, two-bath home has changed hands many times over the years. Records show that the property during the time in which it may have been built was owned by four different people: John C. Martin from 1885-1893, Clifford J. Thompson from 1893-1901, James Thompson from 1901-1907, and Joseph McWilliams from 1907-1916. There were three owners of the land prior to the construction of the house, and there have now been 17 owners after the McWilliams family.

Of interest, the land was owned by three physicians, beginning with Dr. John Conner who also served as the Miller County coroner from 1875 until 1881. He had his office and an apothecary on the site where the current home now sits. It is believed that he used his office not only to treat his patients, but also to prepare bodies for burial. The second physician, Dr. Walter Duncan Dickson, was in residence at the current building from 1928 until 1930. He and his wife Grace had two children. Dr. Dickson died in the Castle House from a heart attack in 1930. James Dickson, his son, then took ownership of the home. However, James, reported to be an alcoholic with anger issues, was fired from his job at the post office. He sought revenge on the man he believed caused him to be fired by showing up drunk at the post office, waving a gun. James was disarmed by Dr. Myron Jones, who also happened to become the next owner of home from 1935 until 1947. It is believed the Dr. Jones treated scores of patients at the Castle House for a slew of epidemics including influenza in 1936, scarlet fever in 1936 and polio in 1946.

Another notable owner of the land before the house was built was Reverend Jacob Shaw McComb, Sr. He worked not only as a minister but also a farmer, a teacher, and served in the Union Army for six months in 1861. He was married to Emily and they had 10 children, but one son died at five weeks old, and Emily died at the young age of 40. The reverend wasted no time in remarrying after Emilys death, and his second wife, Juliann, also died young, at age 35, after bearing six children.

There were several other recorded deaths on the grounds and in the house throughout the years, including those of several children and owners, dating back to 1895 until as recently as 1988. Additionally, its been rumored that the land around the site of the house was the scene of a fight between Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War (before the current structure was built), and there have been reports of several Civil War artifacts being found in the area.

With a long, varied, and oftentimes tragic history, the Castle House holds many mysteries and secrets. Will you be the one to communicate with the spirits of those who still may be dwelling here? Will you hear the cries of a woman, the footsteps of a doctor or his patients, or the knocking and banging of some other restless spirit? Theres only one way to find out

Additional Information:

Your ghost hunt at The Haunted Castle House includes the following:

Exclusive Overnight Access to this very haunted location,
Group Séances,
Ghost Hunting Vigils,
Structured Vigils,
Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
Selection of snacks.
Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.


Haunted Castle House B&B (Afficher)
841 State Hwy C
Brumley, MO 65017
United States


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Sur BPT depuis : 07 Juil 2019
Ghost Hunts USA

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