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StoryTellers Presents Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church
Laurel, MD
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StoryTellers Presents Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
It's summer time at the well love family resort, The Messina, owned by Signora Leonata. Don Pedro and his men return after a war to stay at Leonatas house. Benedick continues a prickly relationship with Leonatos niece, Beatrice. Both solemnly declare they will never marry. Claudio falls in love with Hero, Leonatas daughter. Don John, Don Pedros bastard brother, plots with his two men to do some wickedness.

At the party, Claudio is told by Don John that Don Pedro is wooing for himself, but Claudio soon learns that this is not so, and that Hero is his. Further antagonism between Beatrice and Benedick leads Pedro and the others to trick them into falling in love with each other. Leonato, Claudio and Don Pedro let Benedick overhear them speak of how much Beatrice loves him. Later, Hero and Maria let Beatrice overhear their talk about how much Benedick loves her. Both Benedick and Beatrice find they have feelings for each other, and appear love-struck to their friends. Meanwhile, Don John arranges for Borachio to woo Heros maid, Margaret, at Heros window. He informs Pedro and Claudio that Hero is going to be unfaithful that night, and arranges with them to be present. They see Borachio calling Margaret Hero, and are taken in.

The time of the wedding arrives and there, Claudio and Pedro reveal the truth about Hero. She faints, and they leave. Don John flees the estate. Leonata harangues Hero, while she protests her innocence. The priest supports her, and suggests they pretend she has died until the truth is discovered. Beatrice and Benedick declare their feelings for each other, and Beatrice makes Benedick vow to kill Claudio for shaming Hero.

Leonata and Antonio offer to fight with Claudio, then learn the truth from the Watch. Leonata demands that Claudio mourns Hero, and in recompense marries his brothers daughterwho happens to look exactly like Hero. Claudio agrees, and at the ceremony encounters the real Hero when she is unveiled. Beatrice and Benedick stop denying each other and agree to be married. As they are all about to dance, they receive news of Don Johns capture.


Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church (Afficher)
1102 Montgomery Street
Laurel, MD 20707
United States


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Propriétaire : storytellerstheaterarts
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Alyssa Bouma

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